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Kazakh Embassy in London celebrates its 25th Republic Day


LONDON (Raza Syed/Oleg Savca) – Kazakhstan “Republic Day” was celebrated in a simple and dignified ceremony held under the auspices of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in London, the capital of Great Britain.Every year, Kazakhstan celebrates this day dedicated to the thoughts and narratives of the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who has been instrumental in driving the country’s development forward. His policies have focused on economic pragmatism, entrepreneurship, social guarantees, and personal responsibility. Mr. Christopher Allan(FCDO) was the chief guest on occasion.

In his welcome address, Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to United Kingdom, H.E.Magzhan, pledged to further strengthen the enduring friendship between Great Britain and Kazakhstan. During his speech, Ambassador Magzhan highlighted the historical significance of Kazakhstan’s independence, which was achieved three decades ago. He emphasized Kazakhstan’s commitment to strengthening its bilateral relations with Great Britain, recognizing the significant progress that Kazakhstan, as a key Central Asian nation, has made over the years. He attributed these achievements to the relentless efforts of the Kazakh people in safeguarding their independence and forging a unique national identity. The Ambassador reiterated the high value that the people and government of Kazakhstan place on their relations with Great Britain.

The chief guest، Mr. Christopher Allan(FCDO)،in his speech said ,On behalf of the Government of the United Kingdom, I send my warmest wishes to the people of Kazakhstan as they celebrate Republic Day on October 25.

As the people of Kazakhstan on this day commemorate their declaration of sovereignty, we reaffirm the United Kingdoms’ commitment to Kazakhstan’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. We commend Kazakhstan’s steadfast leadership since independence in advancing global dialogue and efforts toward international peace and security. We note our continuing support for President Tokayev’s reform agenda and recall our strong support for its full implementation to build public confidence in government, increase government accountability, and protect human rights.

On this day, we recognize that shared challenges are best solved jointly, and, in the spirit of our two countries’ enduring friendship, we look forward to partnering together on global challenges to advance our shared priorities of peace, prosperity, and stability for the benefit of both our countries’ peoples.

On this occasion, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan,H.E.Magzhan and his wife Mrs.Akmaral Aidarbekova celebrated the Republic Day by cutting a cake together.

The Republic Day of Kazakhstan was a grand celebration of the rich culture and heritage of the nation, showcasing the achievements and progress made over the past 25 years. Christopher Allan’s presence as Chief Guest added an extra layer of significance to the event, symbolizing the strong bond and cooperation between United Kingdom and Kazakhstan. The event was attended by Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Diplomats and people from different strata of life.

Pictures Credit: Mr. Oleg Savca

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