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    The London Post & Independent Media Group UK Limited

    (LP) The London Post: ( )

    The London Post is a renowned and popular news portal known for analysis and exclusive stories around the world based in London. It is a project of Independent Media Group UK Limited, an independent media organization registered with Companies House in The United Kingdom as a Limited Company. 

    Independent Media Group UK Limited –

    Independent Media Group UK Limited is the parent company of The London Post providing media consultancy to media houses, governments, diplomatic missions and corporate clients all over the world as it is based in the heart of London. IMG UK also provides press and media coaching to individuals and companies on how to deal with media and media attention. IMG-UK provides assistance to its clients in crisis management and reputation protection from the time it starts to the time it ends/disappears.  

    (LP) The London Post TV 

    The London Post TV is a web based TV Channel.  

    London Post Media Productions 

    LP Media Productions is the video and documentary production arm of Independent Media Group UK Limited. We produce documentaries and interview clients as per the need of the day. These documentaries are available on the web. 

    Countering and Engaging with Hostile International Media and Academia

    Aims and Objectives: 

    1. Positive Image Building in print and electronic media
    2. Positive image building among academia and research scholars in Universities and Research centers 
    3. Increase and enhance friendly network of international journalists/writers/ researchers 
    4. Provide Training and Coaching to young as well as existing individual journalists and media persons to counter hostile attacks from enemy media 
    5. Provide training /coaching/mentoring/supervisions to journalists and media persons

    Resources: What is available and what will it achieve: 

    1. A fully functioning news and media platform is available in the heart of London to engage journalists and writers  
    2. A completely apolitical and neutral news and media platform is available for positive image building and perception internationally. 
    3. This platform provides an opportunity to interact, engage and build a network of friendly writers and journalists. 
    4. Material published and views projected in the international radio and TV channels will enhance positive image among writers/researchers/columnists/ professors/academics in acclaimed universities and research centres from a neutral venue 
    5. Material published and video documentaries as well as international TV news as well as debates programs will be available to international researchers/ academics/diplomats/ writers/professors/scholars doing research or writing expert reports in UN, EU and other international forums
    6. That will enhance credibility; build positive image and perception in a proactive way instead of current policy of ‘damage control’ and reacting to the news 
    7. It will help develop a network of paid professional consultants, writers, media persons and journalists

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