Monday, May 27, 2024

    World News

    Ireland: Simon Harris elected new prime minister

    DUBLIN/AFP, Reuters, dpa/ -Simon Harris, at the age of 37, has made history by becoming the youngest Taoiseach, or Prime Minister, of the Republic...

    UK News

    Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan strengthen educational ties amidst recent unrest

    Law enforcement agencies are conducting a comprehensive investigation into the incident Incident should not impact the ongoing education of Pakistani citizens in Kyrgyzstan ...

    Uniting cultures through cinema: The 6th ECG Film Festival in collaboration with Romford Film Festival

    LONDON - London’s Premier Cinemas Romford is set to host the 6th ECG Film Festival from May 24-28. This year, the festival is once...



    Regional tensions fuel unrest in Somalia and Ethiopia

    The Somali federal government has given the Ethiopian ambassador in Mogadishu a 72-hour deadline to exit the country for “comprehensive discussions”. Additionally, it...


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    Wings of Partnership: Uzbekistan-Pakistan direct flights cleared for takeoff in October 2024

    TASHKENT, Uzbekistan/Shams Abbasi/ - Jasurbek Choriev, the Deputy Minister for Transport and Aviation of Uzbekistan, has disclosed that plans for the initiation of direct flights...


    Sustainable development in Uzbekistan: Waste Management and pollution control

    By Dr.Beruniy Alimov Sustainable Development is a process of economic and social change in which natural resources, the direction of investment, the orientation of scientific...

    Revisiting Pakistan’s soft power

    In contemporary international politics keeping all eggs in the basket of hard power is a naïve approach. State crafts utilize soft power in foreign...

    Artificial intelligence: a threat to humanity or a helper?

    By Utkir Alimov  Robots are usually thought of as assistants who can talk like humans and do all the work instead of them. It's no...

    Pakistan’ın 10 Milyar Ağaç Projesi: Siyaset Harika Girişimi Nasıl Yok Etti?

    By Dr.Majid Khan ISLAMABAD - "10 Milyar Ağaç Tsunamisi" isimli proje, Pakistan'ın yaygın ağaçlandırma yoluyla çevresel bozulmanın üstesinden gelmek için verdiği önemli bir taahhüdü temsil...

    Zwei Atomstaaten: Lehren aus dem Raketenunfall zwischen Indien und Pakistan im Jahr 2022

    By Dr.Majid Khan (Dieser Artikel wurde auf Englisch verfasst und von Sohail Loun ins Deutsche übersetzt) Einführung ISLAMABAD,Pakistan - Anfang 2022 löste ein Vorfall, bei dem Indien...
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    New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, one of the most successful coaches in National Football League history, is leaving the team after 24...






    Al-Khorezmi: The Father of Algebra one of the greatest scientists of all time

    By Dr.Beruniy Alimov  Al-Khorezmi (Al-Khwarizmi) was the first to introduce algebra as an independent science of general methods for solving linear and quadratic equations, and...