The Biggest English Channel migrants tragedy : Man arrested in UK over 27 dinghy deaths


London, United Kingdom (BBC NEWS) November,28- A man has been arrested in connection with the deaths of at least 27 people who drowned while trying to cross the English Channel in rubber boats last year.

Harem Ahmed Abwbaker, 32, was detained in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire on Tuesday, the National Crime Agency said.

(Harem Ahmed Abwbaker was arrested an address in the Cheltenham area)


He has been accused of being part of a group that conspired to transport immigrants to the UK last November.

He will appear in court in London on Wednesday and will be extradited to France on charges of willful manslaughter.

The 24 November 2021 incident is considered one of the worst immigration tragedies in the English Channel. The small boat sank after leaving the French coast, killing all but two people. French prosecutors had previously announced that 17 men, 7 women and 3 children had died. The migrant tragedy is the biggest loss of life on the channel. Four people are missing, according to the NCA.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the death as a “catastrophe”.

Abubakar, due to appear before the Westminster Magistrates Court, has also been charged by France with aiding illegal immigration. NCA Deputy Director Craig Turner described the arrest as “serious.”

He said: “Those arrested today are suspected of playing a key role in the negligent killing of the dead.

“We are determined to work closely with our French partners to seek justice for the families of those who lost their lives and to do everything in our power to dismantle the vicious organized crime networks involved in human smuggling.”

Secretary of the Interior Suera Braverman said:

“My thoughts are with the families of all those who tragically lost their lives in this horrific event.

“We thank the NCA and other authorities in the UK and France for bringing justice to victims and their families, identifying those we hold responsible and allowing them to feel the full power of the law. increase.”