Azerbaijan Embassy in London hosts spectacular Independence Day celebration


LONDON/Raza Syed,Sevi Nabiyeva/ -The Azerbaijani Embassy in London hosted its annual Independence Day and the Armed Forces Day event, drawing a crowd of more than 600 distinguished guests at Lancaster House. The event, a staple on the embassy’s calendar, attracted key figures from government, business, media, and cultural sectors.

This year’s celebration has solidified its reputation as a highlight of the summer social scene for many of the embassy’s high-level contacts. The gathering underscores the strong connections and significant relationships fostered by the Azerbaijani diplomatic mission in the UK.The evening began with the national anthems of Azerbaijan and United Kingdom, followed by a speech from Ambassador Elin Suleymanov.

A special night … and a special host!

One of the event’s key highlights was the address from the ٓAzerbahijan Ambassador, Elin Suleymanov, to the UK.

In his speech,Ambassador Elin Suleymanov expressed his gratitude to the attendees for joining the celebration of the 106th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR). He highlighted the establishment of the ADR on May 28, 1918, as the first democratic republic in the Muslim East.

Ambassador Suleymanov addressed the audience, emphasizing the robust and reliable partnership between Azerbaijan and Britain. He highlighted the successful implementation of joint projects in both traditional and renewable energy sectors, noting the pivotal role played by BP in these initiatives.

Managing Editor,Raza Syed, London Post with Azerbaijan Ambassador to UK H.E.Mr Elin Suleymanov and Mrs Suleymanov .