IsDB marks the successful finalization of Pakistan’s Mohmand Dam project


JEDDAH/ SPA/ – The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) hosted a celebration at its Jeddah headquarters to mark the successful completion of the Mohmand Dam Hydropower Project (MDHP) in Pakistan. This accomplishment is a testament to the bank’s ongoing commitment to its member countries and a significant milestone in its portfolio of projects in Pakistan.

The MDHP is a shining example of the IsDB Group’s dedication to promoting a sustainable future. The project is designed to generate clean energy, with an estimated annual output of 2,862 gigawatts of renewable energy. This substantial contribution significantly diminishes the country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

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In addition to energy generation, the project plays a vital role in agricultural development, improving food security and livelihoods for farmers across 6,773 hectares.

The MDHP also strengthens flood management systems, providing enhanced protection for communities and infrastructure against seasonal floods.

This project does more than just provide energy to homes and farms; it fuels aspirations for a future that is both sustainable and prosperous.