Moroccans Welcome World Cup Team Rabat


Morocco (AP) December, 20 Morocco’s national football team will return home on Tuesday after completing the seemingly impossible feat of finishing fourth at the World Cup in Qatar. Tens of thousands of Moroccans were expected to welcome the players.

As the first African or Arab team to reach the semi-finals of a World Cup, the Moroccan team known as the Atlas Lions made history and he was one of the major success stories of this year’s tournament is the first Arab to host. have become. nation. The streets of Rabat, Morocco’s capital, and other North African kingdoms are filled with people returning home. After defeating former European colonies Belgium, Spain and Portugal, the team lost to France in the semi-finals. Its record-breaking performance means players are likely to be greeted like heroes.

“Morocco’s run in the 2022 FIFA World Cup will go down in history as one of the most exciting campaigns since the competition began,” said 27-year-old cafe owner Reda Ghazi, according to the Associated Press. “It was every Moroccan’s dream to win something, especially since Morocco is a country where the passion for football is overwhelming.” Take an open-top bus down the main street The royal court ruled Monday that King Mohammed VI. The team will be received at the palace in Rabat “to celebrate their great and historic achievements.

Morocco beat most Moroccan expectations by finishing fourth in the competition after her 2-1 loss to Croatia in its third-place match on Saturday. “I still can’t imagine what happened in this world his cup,” added his 23-year-old student, Anur El He Berkawi. “The team is now raising the bar very high and we can’t be happier than winning the next African Cup of Nations.”

It has attracted many Arab football fans. After their victory, the players waved Palestinian flags and celebrated with their mothers and children on the field. The team also provided support across Africa. “As an African team, we have broken many records and made the whole continent proud,” said Omar Zorgane of Rabat. “Morocco as a whole will benefit a lot from this year’s World Cup, from tourism to the attention of other countries and the possibility of him hosting one of the biggest tournaments in the world in the future.” He said.