Putin welcomes China’s Xi to Kremlin amid Ukrainian war


Moscow (London Post with Reuters)-Russian President Vladimir Putin warmly welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Kremlin on Monday. The visit sent a strong message to Western leaders allied with Ukraine that their efforts to isolate Moscow had failed.

Days after international arrest warrants were issued for Kremlin leaders on charges of Ukraine-related war crimes, Xi’s visit marked a new round of diplomatic hype for Beijing and gave Putin a political boost.

The two countries have described Xi’s three-day visit as an opportunity to deepen their “endless friendship.” China sees Russia as a source of oil and gas for its energy-hungry economy and a partner in fighting what it sees as US dominance in world affairs. The two countries, which are permanent members of the UN Security Council, also conduct joint military exercises.

After shaking hands with Xi, Putin sat down at the start of the meeting to make a short statement, calling each other “dear friends” and exchanging compliments. Putin congratulated Xi on his re-election and expressed hope for an even stronger relationship.

He welcomed China’s proposal for a political settlement in Ukraine, noting that Russia has room for negotiation.

“We discuss all these issues, including your initiative, and we have a lot of respect for that,” he said. “Our cooperation at the international level undoubtedly contributes to strengthening the world order and the fundamental principles of multipolarization.”

Xi congratulated Putin on his re-election and thanked him, saying he chose Russia as his first overseas destination.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin and President Xi Jinping are likely to give a “detailed explanation” of Moscow’s actions in Ukraine at the dinner. He added that more extensive talks with officials from both countries are scheduled for Tuesday on a wide range of issues.

For Putin, Xi’s presence is a prestigious diplomatic victory in the West’s efforts to isolate Russia after invading Ukraine.

Moscow and Beijing join forces:
Earlier this month, Xi accused Washington of trying to isolate his country and slow its development.

Xi’s visit came after the International Criminal Court in The Hague announced on Friday that it intended to put Putin on trial for kidnapping thousands of children from Ukraine.

China sees Xi’s visit as part of its regular diplomatic exchanges and has provided few details about what the visit is intended to accomplish, but has extended his nearly 13 months in Ukraine. The war casts a long shadow over the talks. At a daily briefing in Beijing on Monday, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Xi’s journey was “a journey of friendship, cooperation and peace.”

Beijing’s foray into Ukraine follows its recent success in brokering talks between Iran and its main Middle Eastern rival Saudi Arabia.

Following this success, President Xi Jinping urged China to play a greater role in managing world affairs.

He also warned that the Hague court could become a target for Russian missile attacks. Medvedev has made bombastic statements and allegations in the past.

Russia’s Investigative Committee announced on Monday that it will open criminal proceedings against prosecutors and three ICC judges over arrest warrants it issued against Putin and his children’s rights commissioner Maria Lvovabelova. . The commission called the ICC’s prosecution “illegal.” One of the reasons was that it involved “criminal prosecution of a willfully innocent person.”