From Belarus to Miami: A journey of cultural discovery and creative expression


Brief Introduction

Gennady Gorovoy, a 48-year-old writer, coach, and speaker from Belarus, finds inspiration in the music of Vladimir Visotsky, fueling his lifelong journey of self-improvement. Having lived in five different countries and mingled with influential figures like Tony Robbins and Colin Powell, Gennady’s worldview has been shaped by diverse experiences. He primarily writes in Russian, with two books and an audiobook of poetry to his name, and is currently translating his work into English. Engaged in collaborative projects with the Eurasian Creative Guild, Gennady seeks to unite voices globally. Beyond his professional pursuits, he enjoys travel, volunteering, and empowering others through his belief in the power of words to effect positive change.

LONDON POST: How have the lyrical narratives of Vladimir Visotsky and the motivational discourses of Tony Robbins synergized to influence your personal philosophy and your approach to writing and coaching?

Gennady Gorovoy: Dear readers. My name is Gennady, and I believe that everyone is unique. We were born in different countries, cultures, with totally different backgrounds, but the main goal is to live, love, help and make the World a much better place than it is now. I am a huge believer in “Live and let live”. But I’m not the only one. So many of the greatest influencers of all times say exactly the same. I grew up on Vladimir Visotsky’s songs- full of power, truth and humanity. His goal was to enjoy this life to the fullest, help as many people as possible to become better versions of themselves. Tony makes you the biggest version of yourself. Each one of us can achieve the highest level of Success by doing something bigger and better than you used to do before. Even if it’s just small steps. It doesn’t matter. Also, it is important to have a mentor, teacher, coach- somebody who can help to find YOUR WAY. Sometimes from London to Liverpool you can get thru Brazil or Australia. But it’s not for everybody. Some people want to take a comfortable coach or train. People are different. My belief is “just do it”. Sometimes “just” takes months or years. But at the end who cares? You are the winner.

LP: Having lived in diverse cultural landscapes—from the historic streets of Minsk to the vibrant shores of Miami—how have these contrasting environments contributed to your creative expression and worldview?

GG: I love traveling, discovering the World, meeting different people. Living in several countries helps me to understand others better. And there are plenty of memories from cities-countries-jobs-trainings… That is what makes life much better. Also, it gives material for my stories and poetry. Sometimes you remember something funny from any place and just smile. At this particular moment, life becomes better. Also, dreaming about the next trip or seminar adds sparkle to your eyes.

LP: Transitioning from an admirer of great speakers to becoming a speaker yourself, what were the pivotal moments or insights that propelled you into the realm of public speaking and life coaching?

GG: Thinking of too many people that are just afraid to take the first step, to get out of their comfort zone. But how can you call something “Comfort zone” if you suffer there??? If your kids or parents can not get the best or even not-the-worse stuff? Also, having my unique experience from different places. And I hate propaganda, and can’t watch lies from TV. So, it’s much better to tell the truth to people that are afraid to look for it themselves. Unfortunately, there are too many wars, it’s just impossible not to cry about innocent victims and not to wish justice for Fuhrer of our days, and not just for him. Sad…

LP: As an author and poet, what themes do you find recurring in your work, and how do they reflect the collective experiences of the different communities you’ve been a part of?

GG:I prefer being global. If you listen to greatest people like John Lennon, Elvis or Tony, you know that they preach about love, peace and positivity. But Vissotsky and Rozenbaum also tell us the hardest truth. I prefer to be somewhere in the middle. Even in hard poem about war I still try to give hope that not everything is lost and there is so much good we must being prepared for. Also, sometimes I just write about great seminars, cities or memories of good unknown people, where each one can find his own relatives or just think twice about something.

LP: Can you share a project from the Eurasian Creative Guild that holds special significance to you, and how does it embody the guild’s mission to connect and uplift people globally?

GG: Our Guild totally changed my life. Every project connects people, makes people closer to each other, helps artists and other creative people to get to the highest level. For me, being in London, Bulgaria and Asia impressed me a lot. I assisted Marat on his projects and felt great. What a pleasure to be an event’s host or organizer. Or going to different countries and cities meeting and connecting so many great positive and sunny people- people of light. You meet person once, but feel like old friends or even brothers and sisters. Translation of the word “Guild” to Russian is “Comradeship”. It’s exactly the meaning. And Masters from different countries become ONE. Now we have an online program- podcasts and interviews. But I prefer personal touch, hug and feeling the energy.

LP: Could you share a memorable moment from your time in each of the countries you’ve lived in?

GG: Belarus’- my childhood. Grandparents and sections after school. Trolleys and trams. Vacations with Mama for whole month.

Israel– totally different environment, language, culture, approach to life… Not exactly mine.

USA– Miami… Paradise on Earth. Tony and Tramp, lectures and volunteering when you can meet lecturers and talk to them. Atlantic Arena and Convention Center, where I saw these giants. Ocean, cruse ships, my Toyota, flights…. What a life…

Russia– huge Moscow, full of the best, also my culture (before 2022). Scenes, beautiful life, traveling the country, scyscraper Visotsky in Ekaterinburg, his grave on Vagan’kovo, amazing landscapes of Sankt Petersburg, Writer of the year… And now it’s gone. My huge pain.

UK– London is one of the best cities in the World. Place where everybody feels welcomed. And Liverpool where I was sitting on the bench for 2 hours after the Beatles museum with tears. Great John lost his life because of hatred, and now… almost 40 years later. “I am the dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

LP: What themes or emotions do you explore in your Russian prose and poetry?

GG: Everything that can help people, from my memories of a  great concert to requiem for wonderful people that are no longer with us. I prefer free style, like sitting near a lake with a campfire and telling stories. Because in such an environment everybody feels safe. And that what counts. I wish you, dear brother Raza, and our readers peace and safety. All we need is LOVE!!! Gennady Gorovoy.