Finding your treasure box: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment


LONDON POST: Please briefly introduce yourself?

Marina Alyassova. When I’m asked to introduce myself, I usually say that I’m the one who helps people find their treasure box. And my task is for those who turn to me for help to become the best authors of their lives.Each person has his own inner potential, which often sleeps. Many people have the habit of relying on external resources and relying on someone.I once had to rebuild my own meanings and come to the realization, which was not very pleasant for me at that time, that I am the cause of everything that happens to me, and I gave my consent to everything that happens to me.This was a major turning point in my life. Since then, I think before I think, and act only when I know what the consequences of these actions will be. This is how I awakened my personal potential. Now I help others do the same.

LP:.What inspired you to pursue such diverse fields of study and work as a philologist, lawyer, and psychologist?

MA:I love literature since childhood. At school I become engrossed the classics of Russian and world culture. I have always been interested in human behavior,motives, intentions and how it affects someone’s life. Apparently, this aspect determined the choice of all my professions. After all, one way or another, that’s exactly what they’re talking about.

LP:How do you apply the principles of Spiral Dynamics in your coaching practice and what benefits have you observed from using this approach?

MA:Spiral dynamics by Clair Graves is a model of the evolutionary development of people, organizations and society as a system as a whole. And every person is also a system. A system of values, views, meanings, beliefs, convictions, energy flows, etc. Each system develops according to a certain principle, and humans are no exception.Awareness of this allows you to find an individual approach to each person who comes to coaching and talk to him in the language of his understanding. And knowing the principles of transitions from one evolutionary level of development to another, support coaches at this stage and help solve their problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. And here we work at the level of the client’s values ​​and identity – where real personality transformation occurs.

LP.What are some of the challenges and rewards of being a professional Master Trainer for ICTA and what kind of programs do you offer?

MA:As an ICTA master trainer, I have a serious responsibility to deliver quality trainings and products to my customers, as well as to uphold the standards of the ICTA master trainers who trusted me and gave me this prestigious title. I am currently running a professional master course called “Coaching at 100”, which aims to help aspiring and experienced coaches, psychologists, and other professionals in this field to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their professional excellence. I believe in a systematic and in-depth approach to learning. That’s why my course covers various topics such as coaching, NLP, spiral dynamics, psychology and training fundamentals. My students also get to practice and apply their learning in real situations and receive feedback and support from me and other experts. My work demands that I keep learning and growing as a professional, especially in these fast-changing times. And I find that inspiring and challenging.

LP.How do you balance your time and energy between writing and presenting coaching programs and being a writer and poet?

MA: Good question!There seems to be a mutual influence and cross-pollination, so to speak.Both processes are creative. To write a training program, it is important to incorporate creativity and make it interesting, not boring, and motivating. Program participants are people with different destinies. And it’s very interesting to watch how they change, transform, come out of negative life scenarios, create their own successful strategies, and literally blossom before our eyes.And this inspires the creation of poetry and prose. This is how my new project “Wise Tales for Children and Adults” was born, which became a laureate of the International Festival “Open Eurasia-2023” of ECG in Burabay, Kazakhstan, and won the super cup in the “children’s prose” category.

LP.What are some of the topics or themes that you explore in your writing and poetry and how do they reflect your personal and professional values?

MA:My poems explore themes of love, nature, and the meaning of life. They are philosophical in nature, even when I write about love. I seek to understand the purpose of my existence and the role of humanity in the world. I want to find answers to the big questions of life. I want to connect my personal meaning with the collective vision of humanity. I believe that we are here to learn how to love. To love not from our ego, but from our spirit. And only with this awareness can we change the energy of destruction into the energy of creation. This is my main goal in both my creativity and my coaching.

I am very thankful to my family and friends, colleagues who support and inspire me, my clients who teach me about life and its depth and essence, and our Eurasian Creative Guild, which guides me to unleash my creative potential.