Britain wins 3rd prize at the Sanremo-Senior festival 2022


MILAN, (Agnieszka Kuchnia Wołosiewicz) November 11 – On November, 3rd and 4th 2022, at the Italian Sanremo theatre there was the 6th edition of the Sanremo-Senior festival. It is a multi-international competition for the solo artists and song writers, who present themselves on the stage of the famous Ariston Sanremo Theatre.

This year they accepted sixty participants from twenty countries. The semi-finales and World Final ’22 were streamed live on the official Facebooks sites: “sanremoSenior” and “TeatroArtistonSanremo”.

This year, United Kingdom was represented by Remi Juśkiewicz, a musician living in London, who pleased with the performance of his own song called “Kamienieję” to the words of Maria Duszka (poet from Sieradz in Poland). He brought a commemorative statuette to Great Britain given to him as a prize for third place in the over 60 category. People at the event were so excited and couldn’t hide their emotions.

All participants were delighted with the festival atmosphere, professional organization and the beautiful Sanremo, which is the coastal town in North-West Italy.