Polish community organized a musical coffee evening in honor of the Polish artists from London


By Agnieszka Kuchnia-Wołosiewicz

I would like to describe a bouquet of impressions that I brought to London from Vienna, but through the eyes of the participants of the event that took place on September 23rd, 2022 at 6.30 pm at Piwnica TAKT (Polish-Austrian Cultural Association TAKT).

Before I get down to that, I would like to start with a certain theory which says that art opens meanings and senses (Siegfried Lenz) and each of us has a certain space in the world in which we feel at home;. It is the homeland as the place where our roots grow. Their loss may be related to the sense of loss and the lack of this subjective belonging. This idea has a particular importance in the context of the Polish community event in Vienna. Years ago,Sigmund Freud had to leave the capital of Austria. He emigrated to London and from there he wrote to his Swiss colleague about the enormous pain he felt due to the loss of his mother tongue…

Perhaps Freud felt the same as Poles (and other emigrants) all over the world, who cannot (and do not want to) forget about their homeland and roots, and therefore they provoke such beautiful events that took place on that evening…
‘Vienna means meeting wonderful people. It was a great evening. The memories will stay forever. Thank you all for the nice moments. The audience did not disappoint. See you next
time.’ Danuta Nogawka /poet /‘A very successful artistic evening. The song in Spanish fell apart, but the audience saved it by singing with us. The Polish community in Vienna is so hospitable that it was a pity to leave.’ Remigiusz Juśkiewicz /musician, composer, vocalist/
‘I think it was really great. I look forward more such amazing events. See you in London.’Natalia Kavczyńska /vocalist/ ‘Vienna+London=great Polish artists that can always reach agreement.

Slavs… we have souls who love to express Polishness with words, brushes, artistic graphics, melodies … (using everything we can, because we are one family). I greet the Polish community all over the world!’ Maria Glonek /poet, painter/‘It is behind us, but the image of this great event will always come back to me as soon as I think about London. Many thanks to all present and absent. This is another proof that we all want to meet, we need it to live and enjoy life. Soon we will repeat it in London.‘ Samuel Goo /poet, graphic/‘For the first time, I had the honor to play in Vienna for a fantastic audience. I met Agnieszka Kuchnia-Wołosiewicz, the author of the wonderful lyrics for our album”Rosy drops”. The audience responded wonderfully to the next songs. For the first time I saw Remy Juśkiewicz live, who started it all, and I thank him very much. He is an extremely warm person and an extremely original artist. I also got to know the organizer of the event (the painter Jacek Rozmiarek) and other artists. Thank you to Jacek, Marek Zieliński from Marek TV and everyone who created this unforgettable event.’ Iza Konar /musician, Composer, vocalist/ ‘I will say it briefly… The meeting in Vienna convinced me even more that the Polish diaspora, we Poles scattered all over the world, are wonderful. The musical-poetic journey gave us a wonderful feeling of fulfillment. We had a great opportunity to know many passioner of art. Guitar, poetry, singing and a fiery audience – it is for these moments that I support and engage in all cultural initiatives. We look forward to Vienna in London and thank you for the fantastic atmosphere.’ Ewa Taylor /actress, poet/