Sangam city poet achieves record-breaking feat with his remarkable poem


PRAYAGRAJ: Tauqeer Zaidi, a poet hailing from the city of Sangam and the grandson of renowned poet Akbar Allahabadi, has achieved a remarkable feat in Urdu literature by setting a new world record for writing the longest masnavi. The masnavi comprises an impressive 6,184 verses and was completed within a remarkable span of 103 hours.

Confirming this remarkable achievement, Zaidi stated, “The new record has been officially recognized and registered in the Harvard Book of World Records on October 29, 2022, and I have recently received the certificate.”

Zaidi received his early education from Boys High School in Prayagraj and pursued his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Allahabad University. He went on to earn a PhD from Sunrise University in Alwar, Rajasthan.

During his teenage years, Zaidi published a compilation of his ghazals titled ‘Sangam Ki Lehren,’ which received acclaim from intellectuals such as Upendranath ‘Ashk,’ Amarkant, Prof Aqeel Rizvi, and Moazzam Pasha Raz Allahabadi, among others.

Zaidi has authored numerous books encompassing various poetic forms such as ghazal, doha, nazm, nauha, marsia, masnavi, and manzoom. His contributions have been recognized through several prestigious awards and honors, including the Saraswat Samman, Shehanshahe-Sukhan Award, Prof Malikzada Manzoor Ahmed Award, Mojiznuma Award, Shayere-Aazam Award, and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Award.

Additionally, Zaidi has made notable contributions to television with serials like ‘Jail Me Hai Zindagi’ and “Prerna,” among others.