Australian Senate Committee raises concerns on deteriorating situation and Human rights violations in Pakistan


CANBERRA (London Post), By Dr Majid Khan:-  Amid the ongoing political turmoil, unrest, anarchy and chaos in Pakistan, the Australian senate committee for foreign affairs has discussed the deteriorating situation of peace and ongoing massive human rights violations in Pakistan.

Australian Senate foreign affairs, defence and trade legislation committee has discussed the current situation with the Secretary of South Asia. The officer explained the current political instability human rights violations and Australians’ concerns about the situation.

Senator Shoe Bridge asked the secretary,” We have seen massive human rights violations, political turmoil, deteriorating situation and use of excessive power and force against the protesters by the state, massive arrest of high profile political opponents including former prime minister Imran Khan ,disappearance of two high profile journalists , trial of dozens civilians in the military court, all of these actions are against the human rights protection and could not justify  by a civilian govt according to international standards, Has Australian govt raised the voice through the high commission in Pakistan or in Canberra against these ongoing unethical practices and recorded its protest ?

Gary Cowan ,department of foreign affairs and trade stated,” Yes, we know the political situation in Pakistan is worsening day by day ,especially since the removal of former prime minister Pakistan has been facing serious set back in economical and political situations and experiencing instability, huge public reaction and anger has been seen since the arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan and the response and reaction of the security forces looks furious and enthical.Mr Khan was released after two days but has been facing many cases since his arrest.”

He stated,” we have been monitoring the situation since then constantly and observing the impacts and implications of these actions on Australians residing in Pakistan. We support the peaceful, prosperous and stable Pakistan which acts according to international law and practice the laws  in the state. We have been calling the parties to respect the rule of the law and promote human rights. We have been engaging with Pakistan leaders through our  high Commission in Islamabad. In this period since 9 May, we have concluded five meetings with Pakistan political officials. Furthermore our high commissioner also met with former prime minister Imran Khan on 31 May.”

He said ,”We have expressed our serious concerns about the handling of this situation and events.”

Senator Shoe bridge asked, “We appreciate the meeting with Imran Khan but we want to know that Has Australian raised the concerns about the attempt of assassination on Imran Khan?

Gary Cowan replied,” We are not certain about this specifically but we have discussed the situation in details, we have raised our concerns about the ongoing unrest, specifically we raised our concerns about the arrest and cases filed against former prime minister Imran Khan, and we have done meetings with govt representatives and Imran khan .I should say that we have regularly raised the issues with Pakistan in several meetings  through high commissions in Islamabad and Canberra.”

Senator Shoe bridge asked,” Has the Australian Govt asked about the targeted sanctions imposed by the Pakistan govt on opposition individuals and civilians as these govt individuals are perpetuating violations of human rights and of course breaching the international law?

Gary Cowan stated, “ We have put forward our stance about the human rights and rule of law in front of Pakistan govt representatives as you would have listened from my colleagues ,but to discuss about these sanctions would be an action ahead of time , we have been analysing the whole scenario and constantly monitoring the situation.“