Foreign students are not allowed to bring their family members in UK according to new immigration rules


LONDON (London Post)-In response to immigration, the government wants to ban most international students from bringing their families to the UK.

The news comes as new figures due to be released show net immigration has risen to one million.

When Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited Downing Street last year, he promised to cut net immigration, but the numbers are likely to struggle.

According to reports that he took over them retroactively to the fiscal year ending in December 2022, two months after he became prime minister.

The number of relatives who came to the UK on student visas reached 135,788 last year, nine times more than in 2019. The measure, which is expected to be announced on Tuesday or Wednesday, will prevent all master’s students and many graduate students from bringing their families, but will not apply to doctoral students.

Home Secretary Suera Braverman is also reportedly wanting a raise in salary standards.

Currently, foreign workers need to earn at least £26,000 to move here, but she wanted that figure to rise to the average UK wage of £33,000.

This proposal was also supported by Robert Jenrick, but was rejected by the Treasury Department.

A Conservative MP said: “We have to figure it out.”