General election 2024:Historic turnout at UK polling stations amid potential political shift


LONDON,July 4 –Massive turnouts are being reported at polling stations across the UK as millions of people vote in a general election that could significantly reshape British politics and potentially end 14 years of Conservative government.

Many polling stations are experiencing long queues, thanks to favorable weather, leading to expectations that voter turnout could be one of the highest in recent election history.

The prime minister cast his ballot alongside his wife, Akshata Murty, in his North Yorkshire constituency, while Keir Starmer voted with his wife, Victoria, in London.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, fighting to defend his seat against the Liberal Democrats, urged voters to re-elect him as he cast his ballot in Godalming and Ash.

A major poll for The Independent yesterday suggested that Rishi Sunak could lead the Conservatives to their worst defeat in history, potentially securing only 82 seats.

If the forecast is accurate, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Defence Secretary Grant Shapps are among the veteran Conservatives who could lose their seats.

According to polls, Sir Keir Starmer could enter No 10 with a historic 272-seat majority, marking an unprecedented triumph for the Labour Party.



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