Harry takes his coronation seat but does not show up on the balcony


LONDON (Reuters) Prince Harry, the second son of King Charles III, attended his father’s coronation at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. Even though he was seated in the third row instead of the balcony where Buckingham Palace appeared and the grand celebration took place.

As of early April, it was unclear if Harry, who now lives in California, would attend the historic function after a very public altercation with his family.

His 38-year-old veteran, who served in Afghanistan, arrived at the monastery the morning in his suit, with a medal on his chest and a smile on his face. His wife Meghan and his two young children stayed in the United States.

Taking no formal part in public affairs, he watched his brother William, who was supposed to be his heir, kneel before his father and swear allegiance as “lord of life and limb”. We had a moment when we were greeted by cheers from the crowd outside. He was later absent from the palace balcony as Charles and Camilla joined William and his family, two of Charles’ brothers, and the page for the service waving to the crowd.

Nor was Charles’ disgraced brother Andrew, who was forced to abandon his royal duties due to his friendship with the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, on the balcony.

Divided opinion
Harry was once one of the most beloved members of the royal family and her wedding to US actress Meghan at Windsor Castle in May 2018 was a spectacular affair that drew an enthusiastic crowd. 

However, public opinion is divided due to his decision to step down from royal duties and the rift with his family.

Dorset supermarket worker Lisa Penny, 53, said she still felt “a little fishy” after being told this. “I think he’s taken a lot of damage and I think he needs some time to get over it.”

However, she added:
“I’m glad he’s here because of his father.”

Others say he was happy to see him there, and no one really knows what’s going on behind closed doors with his family.

Museum curator Jacqueline Brown, 28, who traveled from Missouri, USA, to witness the event, was delighted to see him there.

“He’s the son of a king and should be here to support him. It’s great that he’s doing it in spite of everything,” she said.

Jeremy Roberts, 39, said, “Every family has its own problems, and unfortunately they only get picked up in the media.”

In his book Spare, published in January, Harry criticized his father, his stepmother Queen Camilla, and his brother Prince William, and accused the agency of treating him and his wife without compassion. Harry, formally known as the Duke of Sussex, moved to the US with Meghan Markle in 2020 and has been spotted only a few times in the UK.His eldest son Archie celebrated his fourth birthday on Saturday. Harry wanted to go home as soon as possible.


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