King Charles III starts world tour debut from Germany


Berlin (AP) King Charles III. He arrived in Berlin on Wednesday for his first trip abroad as British monarch. He hopes to improve relations with the UK and the European Union and show that he can win hearts abroad, as his mother did for 70 years.

The Queen’s consorts, Charles and Camilla, landed at Berlin Government Airport in the early afternoon. The King in a black coat and his wife in a light blue coat and a turquoise hat with a plume stop at the top of the plane’s stairs as two military jets fly over her. watched as they saluted with their 21 guns. 

In a joint statement posted on their official Twitter account, the royal couple said they were “great pleasure” in being able to develop “a longstanding friendship between the two countries”.

An hour later, they welcomed Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Budenbender with military honors at the historic Brandenburg Gate in the German capital.

Soldiers hoisted British and German flags while the national anthem was played. Steinmeier and Charles strolled by the cheering, flag-waving crowd, shaking hands and chatting briefly with the crowd.

As Charles and Camilla approached, some took close-up photos with their cell phones, while others gave them bouquets of flowers.A woman handed Charles a gift bag. Journalists and security personnel followed the royal couple and their German host as they returned to the convoy.

During his first six months in office, the king will negotiate a settlement to a long-standing dispute over his post-Brexit trade rules in Northern Ireland and transfer immigrants to smaller lands with France. Prompted on the trip by his Sunak who made a deal to deal with human smugglers. A ship crossing the English Channel. Sunak hopes the goodwill generated by the royal visit will help pave the way for progress on other issues, including Britain’s return to the EU program to fund scientific research across Europe. I’m here.

The British senior royal is one of the most famous people on the planet. Their formal powers are strictly limited by law and tradition, but they attract media and public attention. One reason for this is the historical ceremonies and regalia that accompany it, as well as the public’s fascination with their private lives.