43 Chernobyl liquidators live in Talas


TALAS:There are currently 43 participants of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident in Talas region.

On April 26, a commemorative event was held in Talas to honor these individuals. Mayor Askar Shabdanov, Lieutenant Colonel of the Joint Military Commissariat Urmat Arykbaev and others attended.

One of the Chernobyl liquidators, Bakyt Moldobekov, served in the military in Ukraine in 1985 and was among those who assisted for 6 months following the nuclear power plant accident. As a driver, he worked 6km away from the city. Moldobekov noted that around 320 people from Talas region were involved in liquidation of the aftermath of the disaster, but only 43 remained. Many of these individuals have experienced health issues and disabilities, but have received support from the government.

During the commemorative event, the Chernobyl liquidators were handed the municipal joint military commissariat’s certificates as a symbol of recognition for their efforts.