“Bullet Proof Woman: A book launch celebration”


By Raza Syed

The renowned Mexican author Paula Morelos Zaragoza has launched her latest book, titled “Bullet Proof Woman”, at a grand event in York.The book is an autobiography of author. She described her life struggles and the different tools she has found and develop to help people mover through crisis in life.

“Bullet Proof Woman: A book launch celebration” – YouTube

The author said that she was inspired by her own experiences and other women like her around the world, and that she wanted to share her passion for exploration and discovery with her readers. She also thanked her fans for their support and enthusiasm, and expressed her hope that they would enjoy his new book as much as she enjoyed writing it.

ُPeople from all walk of life participated in the launch of the book. The author signed copies of her book and answered questions from the audience. She also gave a short reading of the first chapter, enthralling the listeners with her charming and engaging style of writing. The book has already received rave reviews from critics and readers alike, who have praised the thrilling anecdotes and rich descriptions of the author’s personal life. The book is expected to be a huge success and contender for several awards.

Paula Morelos Zaragoza, who has sold over hundreds copies of her books worldwide, said she was overwhelmed by the response from her fans and thanked them for their support. She also revealed some details about her next project, which she said would be a standalone book with a different genre and style.

“I’m very grateful for all the love and enthusiasm that my readers have shown me over the years,” she said. “It’s been an amazing journey to write this book and I hope you enjoy the every chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m also excited to share with you that I’m working on something new and different, which I hope will surprise and delight you. Stay tuned for more news soon.”

The book launch event was part of a worldwide tour that Paula Morelos is doing to promote her new book, which is available in Spanish is available in soft cover, ebook and audiobook and videobook.In English and Turquish,the book is available only in soft cover.

The book in Spanish Is available in soft cover, ebook and audiobook and videobook.
In English and Turquish in soft cover.Its Spanish versión has already received several recognitions and awards in Latin América and expect to be known as well.

Readers Opinion 

“I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time,” said Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak, a poet and writer, who arrived from London to York to attend the event.. “I love Paula Morelos Zaragoza  books because they keep me on the edge of my seat and make me feel like I’m part of the action. She’s one of my favorite authors and I’m so happy to meet her today.”

Expressing the views about event and author, Amina Mohamed said that the purpose of the event was not only to launch the book but also to give the author an opportunity to engage with the audience, share insights into the writing process, and discuss the themes and messages conveyed in the book.

She said,”i am very impressed by the author’s writing style as she bravely faced the adverse situations in her life and proved that women should not be considered weak.

It is an inspiring and thought-provoking book that delves into the pressing issue of women’s empowerment.The book”Bullet Proof Woman” serves as a powerful resource for understanding the challenges faced by women and offers practical solutions to foster their empowerment,Amina added