Central Asia welcomes 2 new flight services


ASTANA — Kazakhstan enhances its connectivity with Central Asian nations by inaugurating two new flight routes: Turkistan to Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and Astana to Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The maiden international flight on the Turkistan-Samarkand route, operated by Qazaq Air Airlines, accommodated its first 66 passengers on March 22, as reported by the airline’s press service. This initiative seeks to foster tourism cooperation between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

“In celebration of the Nauryz holiday, we have initiated festive flights to the historic city of Uzbekistan. Establishing air links between these two cradles of Turkic nations paves the way for more robust cultural exchange. Both countries boast rich histories and cultural heritages, now more accessible to citizens of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Visitors to these cities will have the opportunity to explore unique cultural landmarks and experience the finest traditions, opening up new horizons for tourism,” remarked Suleiman Mirzayev, Commercial Director of Qazaq Air.

Regular air services between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will operate twice a week, with flights spanning one hour.

Meanwhile, Tajikistan’s national carrier, Somon Air, unveiled the commencement of a direct regular flight from Dushanbe to Astana.

“The new route not only expands the airline’s network but also fosters the development and consolidation of bilateral relations between Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Passengers will now have the convenience of direct regular flights between the capitals of both countries,” reads their press release.

The inaugural flight from Dushanbe to Astana is slated for April 2, with subsequent flights scheduled weekly on Tuesdays. Beginning April 19, flight frequency to Astana will increase to twice a week—on Tuesdays and Fridays.


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