Chinese foreign ministers meet in Philippines amid tensions


MANILA, Philippines (AP) China’s foreign minister said Saturday that his country will work with the Philippines as tensions rise over Beijing’s actions in the disputed South China Sea and deepening military cooperation with the United States in Manila. said it was prepared to resolve its differences.

Secretary of State Qin Gang met in Manila with Philippine Secretary of State Enrique Manaro and Joe Ferdinand He was scheduled to meet with his junior President Marcos just days before he visited Washington for a meeting with President Biden. .

China has warned that a deepening security alliance between the United States and the Philippines should not undermine its security and territorial interests and should not interfere in a long-running territorial dispute in the South China Sea. and the United States to allow U.S. forces access to additional rural military camps.

The Philippines has filed more than 200 diplomatic complaints against China since last year, including at least 77 of his since Marcos took office in June. there is Most of the complaints concern China’s aggressive actions in the South China Sea, including an incident in February when a Philippine Coast Guard vessel was attacked with a military laser.

Although Washington does not claim it, it has used warships and military aircraft and has repeatedly warned that if Philippine forces, ships or aircraft are attacked, it will help defend its treaty partner the Philippines. , disputing Beijing’s broad claims. Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also have overlapping claims on sea routes located on vast oil and gas reserves.