Dubai Police arrest over 200 beggars, majority on visit visas


DUBAI,UAE – During the initial fortnight of Ramadan, Dubai Police apprehended 202 beggars as part of their anti-begging initiative throughout the sacred month.Among those arrested, 112 were men and 90 were women.

Brigadier Ali Salem Al Shamsi, Director of the Suspects and Criminal Phenomena Department at Dubai Police, revealed on Wednesday that the majority of offenders arrived on visit visas with the intention of exploiting the generosity of individuals to earn quick money.

As per Dubai Police regulations, offenders face a minimum fine of Dh5,000 and up to three months’ imprisonment. Those found organizing begging activities or trafficking individuals for begging purposes may be sentenced to a minimum of six months in prison and fined no less than Dh100,000.

Brigadier Ali Salem Al Shamsi emphasized the importance of not engaging with suspected beggars.




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