Dubai: New law imposes Dh1 Million fine for leaving children unattended in vehicles


DUBAI:The Fujairah Police General Command, specifically the Traffic and Patrol Department, has initiated a comprehensive awareness campaign highlighting the dangers of leaving children unattended in vehicles. The campaign, operating under the slogan “Your Children Are Your Responsibility,” aims to promote traffic safety and raise awareness about the risks associated with leaving children alone in cars without an escort.

The Traffic and Patrol Department has incorporated this initiative into its operational plan for driving awareness programs, aligning with the strategic vision of the Ministry of Interior and Fujairah Police to create a safe traffic environment. The focus of the campaign is to educate parents and drivers on adapting to high temperatures during the summer season and emphasize the potential hazards of leaving children alone in vehicles.

The Acting Director,Captain Al Homor, of the Traffic and Patrol Department, stressed that ensuring the safety of children in vehicles is of utmost importance. To achieve this goal, the department is implementing various safety measures and procedures. The campaign specifically addresses the dangers of forgetting or leaving children unattended in cars, particularly during the hot summer months. The elevated temperatures inside vehicles can lead to a decrease in oxygen levels, increased pressure, and the release of toxic gases from the seats, posing a significant risk of suffocation for children.

He urged caution and emphasized the need for drivers to check their vehicles for the presence of children before departure. Additionally, he advised that children should always be accompanied by responsible individuals to ensure their safety throughout the journey.

Director of the Awareness and Traffic Media Branch, highlighted the significance of comprehensive awareness programs to effectively implement this initiative and achieve its goals. These programs involve advice, precautionary instructions, and educational workshops delivered through traffic patrols stationed at checkpoints, text messages, social media platforms, lectures, and workshops.

Through this campaign, Fujairah Police aims to strengthen the role of social responsibility among all community members and raise awareness among drivers and parents about the importance of safeguarding children from potential dangers while inside vehicles.