Economic diplomacy strengthens ties between “New Uzbekistan” and UK


By Raza Syed

Economic diplomacy has emerged as a key driver in shaping the foreign policy of the “new Uzbekistan,” with British businesses playing a vital role in contributing to the country’s economic growth through technology, expertise, and investment.

To further advance Uzbek-British economic relations, a special event is being organized by the Embassy of Uzbekistan, coinciding with the visit of a distinguished Uzbek delegation led by Foreign Minister Bakhtivar Saidov to London. The event aims to showcase the successful cooperation between the two nations and reinforce their economic ties.

This display of cooperation underscores the increasing importance of economic engagement in fostering diplomatic relations and creating growth opportunities for Uzbekistan as it embraces its vision of a “new Uzbekistan.”

Uzbek Ambassador to UK, Said Rustamov

It is worth mentioning the commendable efforts of the Uzbek Ambassador, Said Rustamov in Great Britain, who actively works to enhance economic cooperation between the two countries. The role of an ambassador is crucial in identifying new opportunities for the economic development of their country and nation, and the Uzbek ambassador demonstrates exemplary dedication to this task.

Press Consular  Mr. Islom Orifjonov

As a journalist, I must also acknowledge the press section of the Uzbek embassy, which serves as the backbone of the mission, maintaining communication with journalists in the subcontinent to highlight the country’s achievements. The dynamic and enthusiastic young consular in the press section is instrumental in this endeavor.Finally, credit must be given to the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan for their astute selection of cheerful and young Press Consular  Mr. Islom Orifjonov for an important country like Great Britain. This decision reflects their commitment to building strong and vibrant relations between Uzbekistan and the UK.