France advances to semifinals at World Cup, tops England 2-1


Al Khor, Qatar (AP) December,11 The French players reacted as if they had won the World Cup. But what they were really celebrating was Harry Kane missing a penalty. The game was not over, but when France was leading 2–1 with him, England’s captain and top-his player, Kane, played Saturday’s bait match at his stadium. Scored a penalty to equalize in his 84th minute. He fired a shot over the bar and defending his champions France won him 2-1 and secured a place in the semi-finals.

This is football,” said England manager Gareth Southgate. “There is no player I would want in this situation. If I had such a player tomorrow, I would feel the same way.” Italy also won two successive World Cups in 1934 and in 1938. France will face Morocco in the final next Wednesday. “We’re in the semi-finals.

We’re close to the final and it’s an important performance tonight, we can believe, but we have an important game coming up on Wednesday,” said France’s Didier Deschamps. the director said.

As defending champions in 2002, France was eliminated in the group stage. France reached the final in 2006, losing to Italy on penalties, and four years later she was eliminated in the group stage in 2010. Aurelian Chuameni gave France the lead on Saturday, but England equalized after Kane scored his spot on a penalty in the 54th minute. Olivier Giroud regained the lead for France with a header in the 78th minute, giving Kane another chance to equalize with Tottenham team-mate and French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. That’s when he blew the shot.

“It’s very difficult to get a second penalty, of course when you have a goalkeeper who knows you very well,” said Southgate. “There are a lot of dangers in this situation. He is the best, but the best players are still 85% (yes), so even the best players make mistakes sometimes. His early goals.

 At the same time, an enthusiastic French team roared across the field in blue cheers and huddled together. We jumped up and down happily together. Singing and dancing continued in the dressing room. World Morocco, the first African team to reach the semi-finals of his Cup, stands in the way of France’s attempt to make history. When asked about his next opponent, Deschamps said: After leading the side in three tournaments since joining in 2016, it’s time for Southgate to consider whether to continue his job in England.

“After each of these tournaments, I needed time to make the right decisions because emotionally I went through so many different emotions and the energy required for these tournaments was tremendous.