“How does Superclass Rule Nations? —A Case Study from Pakistan”


Islamabad: A book titled “How does Superclass Rule Nations? —A Case Study from Pakistan” was launched here on Friday.
Lack of knowledge of history, and blind trust in the superclass are two of the main weaknesses of ordinary people in our society. They pay a heavy price for this in the form of subjugation or becoming victims. Regrettably, that trust in the superclass has long been a part of South Asian DNA, and hero worship is an integral part of our semiotic system. Because of this, we are constantly in search of a savioiur—the hero to safeguard our souls. This “Avatar” later tends to become our subjugator. “How does Superclass Rule Nations? —A Case Study from Pakistan” deals with the political and social engineering Pakistan has faced since independence.

The author of the book Agha Iqrar Haroon is an international award-winning journalist who has been in the field since 1988 and appears in national and international media as an analyst and political scientist. He holds degrees in Masters of Philosophy and Masters of History from Government College Lahore (GCU).

Author of the book while citing American scholar David Rothkopf’s famous book “Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making”, writes that the superclass runs our governments, our largest corporations, the powerhouses of international finance, the media, and, from the shadows, the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations. Pakistan’s superclass is not different from the global superclass described by David Rothkopf. The difference is that the Pakistani superclass has a larger continuum as it is interceded, intermingled, and intervened through intermixed marriages.

The book briefly dissects the political history of Pakistan and discusses projects launched by the superclass for ruling the country and the consequences of such projects like “Project Altaf Hussain”, “Project Nawaz Sharif” and “Project Imran” over social fabrics of the country. The author believes that it will take decades to cleanse the garbage such projects left behind. Only one of these three did not shake the foundations of the country and that was Project Nawaz Sharif. He was submissive and followed the conventional path to protest although he was sent home thrice. He was jailed and his children went through physical torture and psychological traumas. The other two (Imran and Altaf) did not go through the rough treatment that Mian Nawaz Sharif endured.