International Arabic School in Kensington hosts vibrant celebration for International Mother Tongue Day

  • Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea praises International Arabic School’s commitment to multilingualism and cultural appreciation.
  • School’s young talents sang traditional songs and recited poetry from eminent Arab poets, including the renowned Khalil Jibran Khalil.

International Mother Language Day is a yearly event that celebrates and supports linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism around the world. Language and culture are essential for the social progress of any group, as language is a vital tool for communication and expression, as well as a shaper of human behavior and a preserver of cultural heritage. Therefore, countries and societies that seek social improvement prioritize the promotion and development of their national and regional languages and cultures, with both local and global actors acknowledging its importance.The International Arab School London observed the occasion with a celebratory event, upholding the longstanding tradition.

The International Arabic School in Kensington hosted a vibrant celebration in honor of International Mother Tongue Day on February 24th, 2024. This prestigious school, dedicated to teaching Arabic to children of all ages and abilities, holds classes every Saturday, welcoming students from 22 different nations.

The event was graced by esteemed guests, including the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea and representatives from various Arab nations. It served as a powerful testament to the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of the Arabic-speaking community.

The festivities came alive with the enchanting melodies of the renowned award-winning musical duo, The Ayoub Sisters.

Comprising siblings Sarah and Laura Ayoub, this multi-instrumental group captivated the audience with their mesmerizing performances. Children from various age groups reveled in the joyous atmosphere created by The Ayoub Sisters’ music, celebrating cultural appreciation.

A highlight of the celebration was the active participation of the school’s young talents. They sang traditional songs and recited poetry from eminent Arab poets, including the renowned Khalil Jibran Khalil. Through these artistic expressions, the students showcased their linguistic skills and deep cultural pride, immersing themselves in the beauty of the Arabic language and literature.

Principal Nihal Nehaili expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to commemorate International Mother Tongue Day here at the International Arabic School in Kensington. It is essential to nurture and celebrate linguistic diversity, and events like these provide a platform for our students to connect with their cultural heritage while fostering a sense of belonging and identity.”

Councillor Preety Hudd, the esteemed Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea, lauded the International Arabic School in Kensington for its unwavering dedication to promoting multilingualism and fostering cultural understanding within the community. The school’s efforts have been instrumental in bridging linguistic gaps and celebrating the rich diversity of languages and cultures.

“Events like the recent celebration at the International Arabic School play a crucial role in fostering inclusivity,” stated Councillor Hudd. “They provide a platform for students and staff to appreciate and embrace diverse languages and cultures. It’s heartening to witness such commitment.”

The International Arabic School in Kensington, a beacon of cultural exchange and linguistic diversity, continues to nurture global citizens who take pride in their mother tongue while appreciating the beauty of multiculturalism. Through its tireless efforts, the school exemplifies the spirit of unity and education, reinforcing the importance of preserving and cherishing our linguistic heritage.