Kazakhstan and Germany collaborate on Zhetisu’s new international airport

  • Situated within the Khorgos – Eastern Gate SEZ, the airport will play a crucial role in connecting Central Asia with global markets. Its proximity to the China-Kazakhstan border makes it an ideal gateway for trade and travel
  • The successful realization of this project is expected to stimulate economic activity, create jobs, and bolster the region’s competitiveness

ASTANA – The Hansa Consortium, a German investment group, has announced its intention to fund and develop an international cargo and passenger airport within the Khorgos – Eastern Gate special economic zone. This ambitious project aims to enhance regional connectivity, facilitate trade, and boost economic growth.

This joint Kazakh-German venture, valued at 250 billion tenge ($559.2 million), aims to handle 50,000 tons of cargo and accommodate up to 500 passengers per hour.

Expected to create 700 job opportunities, the airport is slated for inauguration in 2027, with phased expansions planned to increase production capacity. By 2032, the project envisions the addition of a hotel and a shopping and entertainment center.

The development will unfold in three stages, focusing initially on establishing the basic infrastructure. Subsequent phases will involve the completion of additional infrastructure and the expansion of passenger terminal, cargo, and fuel storage capacities.

Investors also aim to diversify and enhance trade, tourism, food, and accommodation services. The airport will operate on modern Jet A-1 fuel.


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