Kyrgyzstan plans to allocate $400 million in 2024 to repay its external debt


Bishkek: Kyrgyzstan’s Prime Minister Akylbek Zhaparov has announced that the country will spend $400 million to reduce its external debt in 2024.

He reported that the country’s total budget had grown by 329.2 billion soms in three years. The Ministry of Finance confirmed that the budget surplus in 2023 was 13.5 billion soms.

“This is one of the biggest surpluses in our history. We aim to reach a budget of more than 600 billion soms next year. For that, the state has to make 58 billion soms per month, 1.9 billion soms per day, 80 million soms per hour. We are facing the highest payments on external debt.

Kyrgyz Prime Minister said “We have to pay large sums until 2030: 344 million in 2023, 400 million in 2024, 430 million in 2025, 390 million in 2026. We are all in the same boat called ‘Kyrgyzstan’, so we need everyone’s work and input. We have to work as one team,” He added.