Kyrgyzstan’s currency exchange sees dramatic surge as Dollar approaches 90 Soms


BISHKEK,Kyrgyzstan (Максуда Ормонова)-In a rapid development, the U.S. dollar surged by 35 tyiyns in just half a day in Kyrgyzstan, reaching an exchange rate of 89.72 soms. Commercial banks and exchange offices in the capital are currently purchasing dollars at rates ranging from 89.1 to 89.5 soms, while selling them at 89.72 soms. This substantial increase exceeds the official exchange rate, which stands at 89.32 soms.

The euro’s exchange rate also experienced a moderate uptick, with buying rates ranging from 93.6 to 94.3 soms, and selling rates between 94.9 and 95.3 soms. This shift is in contrast to the nominal exchange rate set by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, which records a decrease at 94.1076 soms, amounting to a 0.44 percent reduction.

In contrast, the Russian ruble’s exchange rate has remained relatively stable, with buying rates at 0.895 to 0.92 and selling rates at 0.93 to 0.94 soms. The National Bank’s exchange rate for the ruble shows a slight increase, standing at 0.9156 soms, signifying a 0.03 percent growth.