Moscow:Vnukovo International Airport temporarily shuts down due to alleged Ukrainian drone strike,1 injured

CX2W03 Passenger airplane approaching Dusseldorf International Airport. Germany.
  • Vnukovo International Airport closed its doors to arrivals and departures,flights being redirected to alternative airports
  • Russia’s Defence Ministry has labeled the incident as an “attempted terrorist attack”at Vnukovo international Airport

MOSCOW:Early on Sunday, Moscow’s Vnukovo international airport suspended all traffic following claims by the city mayor that a Ukrainian drone strike had struck the capital.

According to TASS, the capital’s airport closed its doors to arrivals and departures, with flights being redirected to alternative airports as reported by aviation services.

Russia’s Defence Ministry stated that three Ukrainian drones were downed over Moscow on the same day. While one drone was shot down on the outskirts of the city, two others were reportedly “suppressed by electronic warfare” and subsequently crashed into an office complex, fortunately causing no injuries.

Moscow and its surrounding areas, positioned approximately 500 kilometers (310 miles) from the Ukrainian border, had not been frequent targets during the Ukraine conflict until a series of drone attacks occurred this year.

The latest drone strike on Sunday adds to the recent string of assaults involving drones, including attacks on the Kremlin and Russian towns near the Ukraine border, all of which Moscow has attributed to Kyiv. Russia’s defence ministry has labeled the incident as an “attempted terrorist attack.”