Norwegian authorities find body of Salwan Momika involved in Quran burning case

  • Former Iraqi militia leader Salwan Momika has been in the spotlight for his anti-Islam stance and burning of the Quran.

  • In 2021, Salwan Momika, aged 37, was granted a residency permit by Sweden.
  • A Christian-turned-atheist, Momika shifted to Norway from Sweden recently and was reported to have been found dead.

  • After his asylum request was rejected by Sweden due to paperwork issues, he moved to Norway

OSLO ,Norway – Salwan Momika, an ex-Muslim from Iraq known for his public denouncement of the Quran, was reportedly found deceased in Norway, as per the latest reports from X on Tuesday. Momika had recently relocated from Sweden to Norway, where he had applied for asylum and was believed to be under the protection of local authorities.

In a recent update, Momika had shared about his move from Sweden to Norway and his application for asylum and protection. He had also affirmed his commitment to continue his opposition to Islamic ideology, regardless of the potential consequences.

“Today, I bid farewell to Sweden and have taken refuge in Norway, under the protection of its authorities. I sought asylum and international protection in Norway, as Sweden does not grant asylum to philosophers and thinkers, but only to terrorists,” Momika shared on social media platform X (previously known as Twitter).

“My affection and respect for the Swedish people remain unchanged. However, the persecution I experienced at the hands of the Swedish authorities does not reflect the values of the Swedish people. I am committed to continuing my fight against Islamic ideology. Since embarking on this struggle against Islam, I have borne and continue to bear the consequences, and I am prepared for whatever may come,” he further added.


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