Premier plans 100 days as Minns pave the way to victory


CANBERRA(Dr.Majid Khan/ AAP ):Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet traded politics for biscuits and handed out a 100-day plan packed with sugar hits if he remained in power in the New South Wales general election.

The prime minister served cheesecake at Five Docks two days after Saturday’s election and in Eastwood while a man who wanted to replace him smashed his way through a key seat in Southern New South Wales on Thursday. restrained the children.

“We fight for every vote every day,” Perrotet said, along with Drumoine candidate Stephanie Di Pasqua.

Outside the fresh food market, Sisi Wu rushed to tell the prime minister that she had already taken a pre-vote and voted for her Ryde candidate, Jordan Layne.

Perrotet, accompanied by Ms. Helen, questioned him again about his decision to call Health Secretary Brad Hazard instead of an ambulance last month when she felt sick after visiting the gym. faced with “At the moment, all my focus is on my wife…just like any other husband in this situation,” the prime minister said.

Perrottet said her husband is a kind and energetic man and she is proud of him.

“He’s at home just like he’s on camera,” she told reporters.

Perrotett outlined how the re-elected coalition would implement her 20% cut in children’s pension funds, a $250 household energy rebate and public transportation caps within 100 days of the election. I announced the joy of

Cuts to public transit require direction from the Secretary of Transportation, but the prime minister has refused to reveal who will succeed retiring David Elliott. “It’s going to be a very high-profile person,” Perrotet said.

Creating a to-do list for “his first 100 days” seemed a little strange in the eyes of his Labor leader, Chris Minns.

“Strange,” he said Thursday.

“Many voters will think it will take him 12 years to resolve these issues.

“When it comes to schools and hospitals, you’re a total failure.”

As the Prime Minister’s Office later discovered, even the best plans can fail. Days after Perrottet angered workers for having to replace an electric election bus, the Liberal diesel-powered shuttle broke down, leaving reporters and staff awaiting replacement.

Mings promised New South Walesers a smooth ride during the whistle-stop tour of Monaro’s Pioneer’s seat and Goulburn’s marginal liberal’s seat.

Workers will contribute his $650 million to urgent road improvements in the area, including his $13.8 million at Goulburn, he said.

“One of the big issues that my colleagues and I have raised over the past nine months has been road conditions in our community,” Mins said at a press conference.

The fate of Australia’s largest power plant has resurfaced as Mr Perrotet did not rule out extending the life of Ellering to 2028. After selling the coal-fired power plant for $50 million in 2013, the coalition subsequently paid Origin $239 million for a three-year life extension.

“I’m open to all options,” the prime minister told 2GB week after saying the intervention was “not part of our plans.”

Labor is also wary of undermining the state’s bargaining position, but is considering everything, including channel buybacks.

“But…why did it sell out in the first place?” Mins said.

“You are playing Russian roulette with the future economic security of New South Wales.”

That was after Mings won the final debate between leaders in Penrith on Wednesday night, even though his 20% of the audience remained undecided.