Putin to visit Saudi Arabia, UAE tomorrow: Kremlin

  • The UAE and Saudi Arabia are hosting the COP28 UN climate summit, but it is unclear if Putin will participate in any of the events
  • Russian President Putin will meet Saudi crown prince
  • Trip highlights cooperation between Moscow and Gulf states

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin is on a diplomatic mission to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia tomorrow, his spokesman announced.

The Kremlin said Putin would discuss ways to strengthen bilateral relations, promote peace and stability in the Middle East, and address global challenges with the leaders of the two Gulf countries.

The UAE, which is hosting the COP28 UN climate summit, has invited Putin to join the efforts to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Putin has shown his willingness to cooperate with the international community on various issues, despite the tensions over Ukraine.

He participated in a virtual G20 meeting in November, where he called for a coordinated response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic impact.

He also visited China in October, his first foreign trip outside the former Soviet Union this year, where he signed a number of agreements on trade, energy, and security.

Putin is expected to receive a warm welcome in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which are not members of the International Criminal Court (ICC) that issued a warrant for his arrest in March.

The two Gulf countries have maintained friendly ties with Russia and expressed their interest in enhancing cooperation in various fields, such as defense, investment, and tourism.

Bilateral ties, Middle East crisis and global affairs are on the agenda as Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia this week, his spokesman said.