Putin’s 2030 Blueprint: Russia’s quest for a leading role in the global economy


MOSCOW /TASS/ – President Vladimir Putin has directed the government to ensure Russia’s ascent into the top four of the world’s largest economies, measured by GDP at purchasing power parity. The directives issued by the President subsequent to his address to the Federal Assembly in February have been disclosed on the Kremlin website.

The government is mandated to provide progress updates to the head of state by March 31, 2025, followed by annual reports.

Specifically, President Putin has tasked the government with achieving a minimum 40% increase in gross value added in the manufacturing sector by 2030 compared to 2022, reducing the proportion of imports in GDP to 17%, and bolstering non-resource and non-energy exports by at least two-thirds. Additionally, the government is instructed to progressively diminish the number of regions with low fiscal capacity, as outlined in the presidential order.


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