Senior US, Chinese diplomats hold productive talks to ease tensions in Beijing


TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — In a major diplomatic development, senior diplomats from China and the United States held “clear and productive” talks in Beijing, aimed at preventing an escalation of tensions between the two countries. The talks on Monday were attended by US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Curtinbrink, who has been visiting China since a Chinese spy balloon was shot down over the US in early February. Indicates the highest ranking US official.

The incident strained relations, leading to the postponement of a planned visit to China by US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken and limited official exchanges between the two countries. However, at a recent forum in Singapore, two top US and Chinese defense officials spoke briefly, giving a glimmer of hope for improved communications.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Curtin Brink and Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu had clear, constructive and fruitful discussions regarding the development of China-US relations. Effective management of relationships and conflicts. The ministry also highlighted that China has expressed its strong stance on Taiwan, stressing that the self-governing island is considered Chinese territory, which can be annexed by force if necessary. can However, both sides agreed to maintain open lines of communication.

The US State Department echoed these sentiments, stressing the frank and productive nature of the talks. The talks were seen as part of ongoing efforts to boost communication and promote recent high-level diplomacy between the two countries.

Recent events have further strained relations, including an “unsafe interaction” in the Taiwan Strait, where a Chinese warship came dangerously close to a US destroyer. Additionally, in May, a Chinese fighter jet made contact with a US spy plane in the disputed South China Sea, where several countries have overlapping territorial claims.

CIA Director William Burns’ alleged secret visit to Beijing last month indicates interest on both sides in resuming communication through various channels. These recent developments indicate a common desire to de-escalate tensions and maintain stability in the region.