Suspicions raise over the disappearance of Famous jounralist Imran Riaz since 12 days


ISLAMABAD(London Post)-Pakistan is facing a political turmoil challenge but more importantly the question has been raised about the violations of human rights since the current government gained political control by ousting previous prime minister Imran Khan through a no-confidence vote in the national assembly. Many human rights activists and media persons have been detained and tortured during this politically unstable phase which is going on. A blame game is continuously going on and no one knows who is responsible for what? and this situation is leading the state towards more instability, anarchy and chaos. The rule of law and writ of the state has been challenged in this regime which has never been seen before in Pakistan.

BOL News Starcaster Imran Riaz Khan, better known as Imran Riaz, has been missing since being arrested by airport police at Sialkot International Airport in eastern Punjab on May 11. He was arrested under a non-violent order amid widespread protests over the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Police initially claimed he was released around 10am.
At 30.30 am on the same day, police now admit they took him away in a police van after he was “released.” The confession was made yesterday (May 22) at a High Court hearing in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, at which the police responded to the complaint (known as the “first intelligence report”). was ordered to bring journalists to court. ), filed by his father on 16 May.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is concerned for the life of the missing TV presenter and has immediately told the Pakistani civilian government where and under what conditions he is being held and to enforce the rule of law. We ask that you ensure respect. RSF will hold governments accountable for any damages that may have been caused to them.

The RSF has reviewed the record of the public hearings. What the Punjab Police Inspector General said in court was a clear acceptance of state responsibility. “We have interviewed police all over Pakistan,” the inspector general said. “No one has Imran Riaz (…) Imran Riaz Khan was not wanted by us. However, the “agencies” had made a request for a police van. [The court] can call the authorities and ask them why they requested a police van.

“There is no point turning a blind eye to the ‘agencies’ euphemism. It was clearly Pakistani military intelligence that kidnapped Imran Riaz Khan. Therefore, it is up to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s civilian government to ensure respect for the rule of law, otherwise the Pakistani authorities will be held directly responsible for the damage he has suffered. The government’s silence about the TV presenter’s fate may have gone awry since he was abducted, and may even have died in custody, according to classified diplomatic sources consulted by RSF. 

The TV host has become a nuisance to the military because he and his TV station supported former Prime Minister Imran Khan. He had previously been arrested on July 5, 2022 on charges brought by the prosecution in connection with his criticism of military and intelligence powers. And in February of this year, he was arrested again pending a judge’s order to release him.

state within state

The Pakistani military, which operates as a “state within a state”, is often accused of using various intelligence agencies and their cronies to kidnap journalists and even torture them in custody. The previous target was journalist Gohal Wazir, whose April 19 kidnapping was subsequently condemned by the RSF. Wazir was beaten repeatedly and electrocuted while being held for 30 hours. He said he was released only after agreeing to be videotaped in support of the Pakistani army.

The profile of the BOL News moderator is reminiscent of ARY News moderator Arshad Sharif, who is also endorsed by the former prime minister. Fearing being kidnapped, Sharif fled Pakistan in August 2022 and took refuge in Kenya, where he died on October 23 after being shot at at close range in a Nairobi suburb. Evidence collected by RSF clearly points to Pakistan’s responsibility.