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The Dhaka University banned Professor Imtiaz to pursue academic activities


DHAKA(London Post)-The Dhaka University (DU) authorities have expelled Professor Imtiaz Ahmed from the Faculty of International Relations from further academic activities. The decision was made at a regular syndicate meeting on Sunday after Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s dismissal from two university administrations on charges of defaming and falsifying the history of the liberation war. 

DU announced this in a press release on Sunday. DU Vice Chancellor (VC) Md Akhtaruzzaman chaired the meeting. DU’s pro-VC (administration) Muhammad Samad and pro-VC (education) his ASM Maksud Kamal, Education Minister Suleman Khan, etc attended the meeting.

A DU press release said the recommendations of the commission formed to investigate allegations against Professor Imtiaz Ahmed denigrated Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and distorted the history of the Liberation War in his book Historizing 1971 Genocide. Stated:“Nation vs. People” was taken up at a syndicate conference.

The Syndicate believes the book contains some information about Bangabandhu, his historic March 7 speech and the Liberation War. These information are false, misleading and clearly distorting the history of the country.

At the conference, the syndicate strongly condemned the book’s misrepresentation and distortion of history.The conference also issued a statement against the book’s author, his Professor Imtiaz Ahmed, and the book’s publisher, University Press Limited (UPL).

I demanded that the book be withdrawn immediately. At the same time, the syndicate called on the government to take legal action against those involved in defaming Bangladesh’s founding fathers and distorting the liberation war. At the meeting, the syndicate also decided to exclude Professor Imtiaz from future academic activities at the university.

Speaking to his DU his syndicate decision on Monday morning, Professor Imtiaz Ahmed told his Prothom Alo: “I don’t know anything about the syndicate’s decision, so I won’t comment on that.”

In a column published on an online news portal on March 29, former Supreme Court Justice AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury said the history of the liberation war was distorted, and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has been defamed in Imtiaz Ahmed’s book titled “Historicising 1971 Genocide: State versus Person”. It was criticized from all quarters.

Bangladesh’s Mukijuddha Mancha demonstrated at the base of the Raju Memorial on April 2, calling for the removal of Professor Imtiaz Ahmed from the DU and the establishment of an inquiry committee to take legal action against him. Former Judge AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury also joined the demonstration.

The next day on April 3, his Md Akhtaruzzaman Vice Chancellor of DU formed a committee of his five members headed by Bangabandhu Sheikh his Mujib Peace and Freedom Institute Director Fakrul Alam and investigated the allegations against Professor Imtiaz Ahmed.

His DU unit of the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) submitted a Memorandum of Understanding to the VC on April 6, seeking legal action against Professor Imtiaz Ahmed, following an investigation into the matter.

The President of the Association of University Teachers, Nizamr Hake Bhuiyan, and the Executive Director, Zinat Huda, called for an investigation into the allegations and legal action against Professor Imtiaz.

In this connection, on April 11, the vice-chancellor of DU Imtiaz dismissed the director of the university’s genocide research center. Then, on April 13, VC Akhtaruzzaman dismissed his Professor Imtiaz from the post of Director of International Affairs.

Meanwhile, Professor Imtiaz Ahmed released a statement on April 2nd outlining his position on the allegations directed against him. In a statement, he said, “How the significance of the 1971 genocide was described in a book related to the 1971 genocide trial in Bangladesh and the promotion of the establishment of a genocide research center in Bangladesh. Is it possible to deny or downplay .I am surprised that such complaints have been received. I think some parts of this book are misunderstood or misunderstood somewhere.

Professional BNP teacher pardoned provided he signs bail
A report by social sciences dean Gia Rahman about a “hoaxed and baseless” Facebook post by sociology professor and BNP advocate leader ASM Amanullah was also addressed at Sunday’s syndication meeting. was given. He was later granted a pardon on the condition that he sign a letter of guarantee.

The press release stated, “The Syndicate believes ASM Amanullah’s Facebook post was an attempt to tarnish the image of the government and education policy. He regretted this Facebook post and apologized , supported his petition, provided that he signed a pledge to no longer engage in such “irresponsible” activities.