Drone attack targets military base in Myanmar


NAYPYIDAW,Myanmar – Drones targeted a military base in Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar, currently under the control of the coup junta. The Government of National Unity (NUG), a coalition of opposition parties and groups, confirmed the attack. However, they did not disclose any information regarding the impact of the attack or any damage inflicted on the facility.

The National Unity Government’s (NUG) military arm, the People’s Defense Force (PDF), has verified the operation, highlighting that two locations were struck, including a Burmese air force base linked to the civilian airport. Additional specifics are provided by the news outlet “Mizzima”, which reports that the assault occurred around 9:00 local time, involving 16 “kamikaze” drones against the army headquarters overseeing the entire Military Council, and 13 more targeting Naypyidaw International Airport, utilized by both military and commercial flights.

Currently, communication with the entire army headquarters has been severed, complicating damage assessment,” the source adds, also noting the presence of “fires” in the vicinity of the airport. This incident, yet to be confirmed by junta-controlled media, threatens to further erode the credibility of the ruling military government, which is already grappling with challenges on multiple fronts in the country’s outlying regions.