Kazakhstan exercises vigilance in regulating the export of sanctioned goods


By Kausar Aryhhankyzy

  • Kazakhstan pioneers oversight of sanctioned Goods Export, Setting a Global example for Trade compliance!
  • Since 2022, Kazakhstan has banned the supply of military and dual-use items to Russia

Officially, Astana maintains a consistently neutral stance in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The nation advocates for a timely resolution through diplomatic negotiations, actively participating in peacekeeping efforts to address armed confrontation, humanitarian issues, and global tension reduction.
Aware of the strong ties between Russia, neighboring countries, and Kazakhstan, Western nations have cautioned CIS states against aiding Moscow, warning of potential sanctions. Despite not endorsing the sanctions against Moscow, Kazakhstan emphasizes its commitment to not assisting in evading restrictions, even on its territory.
Kazakhstan staunchly refuses to be a means of bypassing US and EU sanctions and is committed to adhering to sanctions against Russia. President K.K. Tokayev affirmed this stance in June 2023 during talks with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Kazakhstan prioritizes adherence to WTO and international market rules, countering false claims of dual-use goods export to Russia.

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Since 2022, Kazakhstan has banned the supply of military and dual-use items to Russia. The country’s relevant departments unanimously uphold this position, ensuring compliance with restrictions, preventing the transportation of sanctioned items through its territory, and monitoring all sanctioned shipments.
Astana maintains a resolute financial and foreign policy strategy to observe Moscow’s imposed restrictions, safeguarding the Kazakh economy.
Specifically, Kazakhstan’s exports of 9 strategic goods to Russia in 2023 decreased by an average of 88%. US data reveals a significant drop from 17.6% to 1.1% for these commodities from January to May 2023.
In 2022, Kazakh law enforcement thwarted the entry of 14 combat drones from Kyrgyzstan and confiscated over 3,000 bulletproof plates and electronics with dual-use potential at the border in 2023.
Russian firms express notable interest in items such as chemical industry equipment, advanced electronics, plastics, radio equipment, turbines, aircraft components, textiles, and materials for bank cards.
The US commends Kazakhstan’s measures against secondary sanctions and the progress achieved.
The imposed sanctions, detrimental for both Kazakhstan and the West, may strain Astana-Washington relations. This could lead Kazakhstan to seek trade, investment, and support from Beijing and Moscow, contrary to the desired outcomes of the sanctions.

About Author:

Kausar Aryhhankyzy is a Journalist of the regional newspaper “KalbaTynysy” Zharminsky district Abay region Kazakhstan