The conspiracy theory is “in business” again, or why is it so profitable for some to compose fakes?…


And here we will talk about news from the expanses of the Russian runet. The other day, curious information was circulated in social networks and a number of information resources of the neighbouring state – about the deployment of 30 American biological laboratories in Kazakhstan, which previously worked on the territory of Ukraine. The words of an expert, director of the Agency for Ethno-National Strategy Alexander Kobrinsky, are also quoted, who, as the authors of the publication report, considers the deployment of these laboratories a threat not only to Russia, but to the whole of Southeast Asia.


Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Kobrinsky published these assumptions (let’s call what is happening after all by his own name) in his own telegram channel. In particular, he reports – of course, without referring to anyone – that Astana has agreed to the transfer of three dozen biological laboratories from Ukraine to Kazakhstan in exchange for US economic support. Sounds intriguing if it were more or less true. But the professor nevertheless explains his arguments – they say that Kazakhstan is interesting to the West for the “excellent research centers” created back in the USSR to combat plague, cholera, typhoid and other terrible infections. These centers, according to the historian, although in a semi-abandoned state, are suitable for the transfer of laboratories from Ukraine, where they were allegedly hastily closed after the start of the NWO.

Another remark by the professor, who is fascinated by conspiracy theories – «Tokayev will receive US support, which, against the backdrop of modest success in the economy, will be very useful for him.» No comment, as they say. And then a couple of summarizing words about the threat not only to Russia and China, but also to India and Pakistan, throughout Southeast Asia, the part of the world where the main events of the 21st century will take place, the head of the AENS summed up.

And now about the news itself – is it possible that everything that Professor Kobrinsky reported about is possible? Astana’s official reaction did not follow instantly, after more than a week – most likely, because the news was frankly fake, but it was also impossible not to comment on it, given the background of the issue. The answer was given in the end by the Ministry of Health of the country, through the portal  , which, by the way, was created to combat inaccurate data. “This is a fake, no placement of biolaboratories of other states on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan was planned and is not planned,” the department rightly emphasized.

Of course, these are inventions. Moreover, they were ridiculously fabricated and replicated, in particular, not only by the Russian media and historians of dubious competence in this matter, but also by quite serious persons, such as State Duma deputies and heads of state, Vladimir Putin, for example, and Alexander Lukashenko. And here an important question is brewing – why do the Russian media, headed by, let’s face it, with the political elite of the state, allow and allow themselves similar, frankly unprovable, accusations against other countries?

And here we need to start with history. It is no secret that the Soviet Union almost continuously – from 1949 to 1988 – made false accusations against the United States of creating biological weapons. Later, this narrative began to be actively used during the information war with America, already the legal successor of the USSR – Russia. Moreover, at first, over a number of years, Moscow, as part of its participation in the American Nunn-Lugar program to eliminate nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, received annually up to $400 million, until 2012. And over the past decade, representatives of the Russian authorities have repeatedly accused the United States of developing bioweapons on the territory of Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. Moreover, in the case of Ukraine, these attacks were used as a propaganda maneuver designed to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Indeed, dozens and even thousands, according to some media, of laboratories worked in Ukraine – some of them really received financial and other assistance from the United States, the EU and WHO, however, like many other countries. All information about help for them is in the public domain – contrary to Russia’s statements about the «secrecy» of Ukrainian laboratories. In addition, the harmlessness and harmlessness of these scientific centers has been repeatedly confirmed by the world scientific community and independent experts.

There is nothing «secret» and cannot be in Kazakhstan’s biological laboratories, – domestic experts have repeatedly stated in response to many insinuations. And here everything is, as usual, without additions, as they say – the ubiquitous «American trace» in the activities of Kazakhstani laboratories. From the recent – in February 2023, the fact that biological laboratories operate in Kazakhstan, such as in Ukraine, was announced in the State Duma of Russia. These attacks were, of course, refuted, like all subsequent ones.

And here we are mainly talking about the famous Almaty Central Research Laboratory – the Kazakhstan Central Reference Laboratory. It opened in September 2016. Now it is a structural unit of the Scientific Center for Quarantine and Zoonotic Infections named after Masgut Aikimbaev. Scientists within its walls are engaged in extremely dangerous work – identifying, studying and fighting the most aggressive viruses and pathogens.

(This article has been previously published in on 05.08.23 )