Legal Experts: Israeli Military’s attack on Jenin may constitute a war crime


Legal experts have stated that the Israeli military’s deadly raid on the Jenin refugee camp in the northern occupied West Bank falls within the scope of war crimes under the Geneva Conventions. The raid resulted in the death of at least 12 Palestinians and left dozens more wounded.

Susan Akram, a clinical professor at Boston University’s School of Law, highlighted that the attack on Jenin qualifies as a war crime due to several factors, including deliberate targeting of civilians and medical units. According to the Geneva Conventions, war crimes during occupation encompass willful killings, causing immense suffering to occupied populations, and extensive destruction of property without military justification.

During a webinar hosted by the Arab Center Washington, DC, earlier this week, Akram emphasized that there is no doubt that the actions carried out by Israel in Jenin constitute a war crime.

Other panelists on the webinar, including Daniel Levy of the US/Middle East Project and journalist Dalia Hatuqa, also concurred that Israel’s actions in the West Bank amount to war crimes.