Palestinian flags waved at Anfield during Merseyside Derby

  • Israel and Palestine flags were prohibited by the Premier League from being displayed at matches this weekend
  • Despite the ban, several Palestine flags were prominently raised at Anfield during the Merseyside derby

Despite the Premier League imposing a ban on the display of Israel and Palestine flags at matches this weekend, several Palestinian flags were visible at Anfield during the Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton. The league, along with the EFL, had confirmed the prohibition of flags ahead of the weekend’s matches in an effort to prevent potential incidents within stadiums.

The appearance of Palestinian flags inside Anfield comes against the backdrop of escalating tensions in the Middle East following Hamas attacks on Israel starting on October 7. Notably, in the aftermath of these attacks, the Football Association (FA) chose not to illuminate the Wembley arch in the colours of the Israeli flag for England’s matches against Australia, a decision that sparked criticism.

Both Israel and Palestine flags were prohibited at Wembley games, but one Israel flag was displayed during the Australia match. Tottenham has reinforced the Premier League’s flag policy in an email to fans before their upcoming game against Fulham, emphasizing that football matches should primarily reflect team allegiance and not be a platform for displaying flags with political or religious connotations. They requested fans’ cooperation in adhering to this policy.