Uniting cultures through cinema: The 6th ECG Film Festival in collaboration with Romford Film Festival


LONDON – London’s Premier Cinemas Romford is set to host the 6th ECG Film Festival from May 24-28. This year, the festival is once again joining hands with the esteemed Romford Film Festival, marking their 6th year of collaboration and promising an eclectic and enthralling array of films.

The festival, an initiative of the Eurasian Creative Guild, serves as a cultural conduit between Eurasia and the British audience. The event is designed to cultivate a deeper comprehension and admiration for the cinematic and artistic expressions emanating from the region.

With a staggering 100 submissions from 22 different countries, the festival has curated a compelling selection of films from nations including Spain, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, the UK, Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Tajikistan, Armenia, and China. It’s a veritable global exhibition of cinematic prowess!

Beyond the competitive lineup, a special non-competitive program has been organised. The films range from thought-provoking to family-friendly, and from informative to educational.

Featured films include:

  • Icon, a drama directed by Vera Storozheva
  • Aul Challenge, a family comedy directed by Islam Satyrov
  • 3723 Voznesensky, a documentary directed by Valery Belov
  • Cherkess, a drama directed by Mohydeen Quandour

The grand opening ceremony, scheduled for May 24th at 2.00 pm, will also feature the inauguration of an exhibition showcasing the works of Central Asian artists, including headliner Rahima Makhmut from Kyrgyzstan.

Following the festival’s opening, a book by Gulsifat Shahidi, a writer from Tajikistan, will be presented.

The festival’s awards ceremony will take place on May 28th at 19:00, where the victors from both festivals will be honoured. ECG will present awards for Best Eurasian Film, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, and Best Screenplay.

From May 24-28, British audiences will have the opportunity to delve into the world of Eurasian cinema, discover fresh perspectives, and celebrate the art of storytelling at the ECG Film Festival. The chance to unite diverse cultures through the medium of cinema is indeed a unique and special occasion. For more information, visit the ECG Film Festival website or email festival@ocamagazine.com.


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