Hundreds urged to evacuate amid escalating flooding from storm in Nottinghamshire


NOTTINGHAM: Approximately 500 households in a Nottinghamshire town receive urgent evacuation orders due to flooding triggered by Storm Babet.

The Nottinghamshire County Council has officially declared a major incident as it alerts residents in Retford to the imminent danger posed by the surging water levels along the River Idle.The River Idle registered unprecedented levels on Sunday, and water levels are still on the rise.

Tragically, local authorities reported the death of an elderly woman in Chesterfield, initially attributing it to the storm-related flooding. However, investigations into the incident are ongoing.

The effects of this storm, which has severely impacted Scotland and northeastern England, are projected to persist until Tuesday, as indicated by the Environment Agency. Furthermore, transportation issues are expected to persist, with major disruptions anticipated on train routes.

Simultaneously, Nottinghamshire County Council has labeled the situation in Retford as “unprecedented” and has set up a temporary refuge at Retford Leisure Centre.