Pakistan High Commission London celebrates National Minorities Day

  • The Pakistani flag remains incomplete without the presence of the white colour.
  • This event aimed to recognize and applaud the indispensable role played by minority communities in the advancement and growth of Pakistan.
  • High Commissioner commends minorities’ role in nation building

LONDON(Raza Syed)The Pakistan High Commission London marked ‘National Minorities Day’ on the 10th of August 2023, in a sincere homage to the substantial contributions of Pakistani minority communities to the nation’s advancement. The occasion celebrated the diverse fabric of Pakistan, aligning with the customary recognition of Minorities Day on the 11th of August.

Distinguished figures, including Sir Anwar Parvez and Dr. James Shera, along with representatives from the Church of England, members of Pakistani minority communities residing in the UK, and individuals from various backgrounds graced the event.

Speaking at the occasion, High Commissioner Dr. Muhammad Faisal accentuated the crucial role minorities have played in shaping the nation’s course. He paid tribute to historical luminaries from diverse religious backgrounds who have been instrumental in Pakistan’s progress. Drawing inspiration from Quaid-e-Azam’s historic address, Dr. Faisal emphasized the significance of a progressive Pakistan, advocating for equal rights for all citizens, transcending the confines of caste and creed.

High Commissioner Dr. Mohammad Faisal also highlighted the emblematic importance of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor as a conduit for nurturing interfaith comprehension and regional concord. In this context, he underscored governmental initiatives such as the Pakistan National Commission for Minorities, affirmative job quotas for minorities, and reserved legislative seats.

Speakers at the event commended the pivotal roles minorities have played in Pakistan’s journey of growth and its foundation. They underscored the imperative of embracing diversity and cultivating inclusivity as the driving force propelling the nation’s socio-economic progress. Echoing Quaid-e-Azam’s vision, the speakers underscored the necessity of upholding equal rights for all citizens, a fundamental pillar of national advancement.

Esther Das eloquently recounted the accomplishments of noteworthy figures originating from minority communities in Pakistan. The ceremony was also graced by the melodies of British Pakistani minority singers, who performed national anthems, eliciting warm applause from the participants.