An Anthem of hope between the sports

TOPSHOT - Morocco's defender #02 Achraf Hakimi (2nd R) celebrates with teammates after converting the last penalty during the penalty shoot-out to win the Qatar 2022 World Cup round of 16 football match between Morocco and Spain at the Education City Stadium in Al-Rayyan, west of Doha on December 6, 2022. (Photo by JAVIER SORIANO / AFP)

By Chamakh Abdeslam

It wasn’t just a 90-minute football game, it was an anthem that brought us hope, heroism, and gratitude. With Morocco’s participation in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the voices of millions of Moroccans around the world have been heard.The World Cup match brought our identity to the world and demonstrated the depth of our connection to football. Just as we are peaceful people who love goodness, strive hard, and create legends.

The world Cup embodied a real competition between values and cultures, especially between arab-islamic values and western values, the last one tried to make Qatar a platform to defend homosexuality.It was clearly demonstrated by refusing to become In Qatar’s World Cup there will be a defense of cultural and civilizational diversity and a defense of Arab-Islamic values ​​attacked under glamorous titles like human rights, although the West itself has been criticized for these rights. Note that is opportunistic. go to his interests.

The arrogance of the West was also evident in the West’s reaction to the performance of the Moroccan national team, especially against the teams of Spain and Portugal. They have yet to accept defeat against the Moroccan national team, which represents the Arab and Islamic world.


Perhaps it is these facts that suggest that the matches of the Moroccan and French elects are full of value. We faced a confrontation, not just a sports match. A symbolic conflict between South and North, between colonial rulers and colonized peoples, between domination and resistance. It is also a symbolic clash between the French-Western value model and the Moroccan-African-Aryan-Islamic value model.

It refuses to recognize civilized models that seek to stand up and assert themselves and restore self-confidence and the ability to achieve and win, and dominant and exploitative models that refuse to acknowledge, but rather seek to destroy them. It is a symbolic conflict between the model and Morocco’s victory over France would be something of a new birth for the people of Morocco and for the Muslim peoples of Africa and the Arabs.

Football has taught us how great we are and how we can build ourselves without depending on others. We are great people with a great history, and we can prove that to all with our abilities, strength, work, and history.
It wasn’t just a silly game, but it was more than that. Because it taught us to respect other cultures and not offend people who are different from us. Gives determination and willpower to overcome all challenges and difficulties.

(Chamakh Abdeslamis is aa Senior Analyst and Journalist based in Morocca)