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    Korean woman YouTuber harassed on Mumbai’s busy street during live streaming

    MUMBAI, (Economictimes) December 1, A 24-year-old YouTuber was harassed by two men during a live stream with viewers in Mumbai’s Khar district. In this video, which has gone viral on the Internet, a woman, allegedly Korean, is seen addressing viewers when a man who appears next to her asks her “age.”

    Then the man grabs her hand and pulls her to her bike. In broken English, the man said to YouTube, riding a scooter, “Good.

    Things get out of control when the man wraps her arm around her shoulder and tries to kiss her on the cheek. Shocked and stunned by this action, the YouTube steamer said “no” with his hand while continuing the live stream and walked away and quickly backed off.

    The incident occurred around 8 pm on Tuesday on a busy street in Kah, Mumbai, one of Mumbai’s wealthy suburbs north of Bandra.

    Mumbai Police immediately reached out to his Twitter user when the incident broke out. On Thursday morning, a Mumbai police officer notified everyone on his microblogging platform that the man in the video had been arrested.

    “Her Khar Police Department of Mumbai Police has taken action against Suo Moto in a case involving a Korean woman (foreigner) in Khar West jurisdiction. In this regard, both defendants were arrested and charged under the appropriate section of the IPC. #women’s safety.

    Several people on Twitter apologized to the woman for the horrific behaviour she was subjected to in Mumbai. Sorry, you had to go through that. We are better than that. We hope you create better and happier memories.

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