Dubai pioneers single biometric system for airport check-in, immigration, and boarding

BA6WCB People at Immigration in Dubai International Airport United Arab Emirates

DUBAI: Dubai is making strides towards enhancing passenger clearance and airport efficiency with a groundbreaking project that will utilize a single biometric system for check-in, immigration, and boarding procedures.

Officials from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) announced this significant development during a press conference held on Tuesday. Dubai International Airport is set to fully implement biometric technology, relying on unique physical or behavioral characteristics to identify individuals in the near future.

The adoption of a single biometric system is expected to streamline passenger processes, potentially increasing the number of airport passengers while eliminating the need for traditional immigration counters. This innovation promises a seamless and expedited experience for travelers.

Deputy Director-General of GDRFA, stated, “We have been working on this one biometric project for two years. The idea behind this is to make passenger journeys faster, easier, and seamless using one biometric. For example, passengers coming for check-in will use the same biometric in immigration, lounges, and when boarding the aircraft. We call it a smart journey. In the future, we may not see classic counters as we do now.”

In February 2021, A Dubai based newspaper, Khaleej Times provided an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the contactless smart travel system, allowing passengers to travel without the need for traditional identification papers.. DDG GDRFA revealed that this advanced technology will soon be rolled out to the public.

Deputy Director-General of GDRFA made these remarks on the sidelines of a press conference announcing the forthcoming International Conference on Policymaking: The Future of Ports. Scheduled to commence on September 19, this two-day event will be hosted at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, with participants from Asia, Europe, the US, and the UAE coming together to discuss critical policy matters.